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Selling antique Rolex watches

Sell Vintage Rolex Watches

submariner 6200Below you will find some useful information on vintage Rolex watches including but not limited to the celebrated Rolex Submariner, along with useful info and facts about the most significant changes in its long history. We also wish to include the most prominent references and auction results (hammer prices) from Sothebys and Christies. We hope you find this brief guid helpful.

Looking for a vintage Rolex watch to add to your collection or to learn more about some of the most celebrated models in history? Throughout the years, Rolex has prided itself on creating beautiful watches that last the test of time. We hope the following information on vintage Rolex watches will both educate and enlighten as to Rolex’s amazing value in today’s world.

stainless steel rolex submarinerBorn in 1954, the vintage Submariner was given the distinction of being the first watch a diver or submarine operator could wear 200-meters down into the sea. The watch boasts of a time-recorder that can be calibrated from zero to 60 and comes encased in a beautiful pressure resistant Oyster case. The Submariner 6200 also includes an 8mm-diameter crown and elegant explorer dial that features a triangle at its top.

In 1959, Rolex made some major changes to the much loved Submariner. The main difference was the addition of “shoulders” that were featured on the crown side in an effort to protect the winding and setting mechanism.submariner 5513, 5514, 5517 Through 1964, the shoulders were pyramid shaped and as the model further evolved became rounded. The Submariner 5512 can be taken down to depths of 200-meters and is also noted for its oversized crown.

This beautiful watch boasts of an oversized crown and the first-ever crown guard. Released in 1962, the Rolex Submariner 5513 includes a rotative bezel which helps divers gauge the length of their dive. History reveals that the 5514 model was originally developed for a French diving organization named COMEX so that they could more effectively navigate the depths of the seas.

red submarinerIn 1969, the Rolex Submariner 1680 wowed Rolex fans with its rugged simplicity. The model included an all-new glass made of plastic crystal and the date stood out larger than life under its all-new magnifying glass.

Around the same time, the Submariner also came in 18K gold. Rather than only being available in stainless steel, the model turned a more luxurious corner. Noted as the Rolex Submariner 1680-8, it was made of yellow gold. Additionally, the elegant watch included a bi-directional bezel and automatic movement.

submariner watch 16800 submariner 16610 submariner 16618 submariner black dial

Go buy a gold chain in a jewelry store..

by ballahack

Then try to sell it at a profit later. Good luck with that. Unless it is a collectable piece or an antique you will lose because of the dealer spread. There is a huge difference between the price a jewelry dealer's selling price and buying price for the same item. Jewelry dealers typically have a 400% markup.
If jewelry is an investment why do you see it in pawn shops.
Co-workers tell me the same thing about Rolex watches. Good luck with that too.

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