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Are Rolex Watches solid Gold

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Gold Watch
It is common for us to look at a device as “Simple” as a gold watch and think you know, this gold watch is great and everything, but all it does is tell time – why on Earth is it worth so much? This is an interesting question to ask on Watch made of gold!
Of course, that’s usually a question reserved for those who aren’t familiar with watches, gold, or the watch-making process. There are many more elements that go into making a gold watch besides simply “gold”. The knowledge of watchmaking has developed for a long time over the hundreds of years, initially, watches were made only in gold as watch in the 17th Century is only be used by Royal family, kinks and Business men, very Seldom watch is found made of Stainless steel. Since then Watches have been made with many other material except gold, Platinum until recent decade, using new materials like Carbon composite, Titanium, Ceramic, etc…and it will continue to develop with new technologies and new manufacturing process available.
Gold watch means 18KT solid gold watch, nowadays it is rare to use 14K or even 9K to make watches. Gold watch means here whole block of watch case, watch strap are entirely gold. As many people mix up solid gold and Gold plated watch…. Rolex Does not produce any gold plated watches, a few models of Date just in the 60s had been found with Rolled gold, with much thicker layer of gold about 20-45 microns in small numbers.
In the 80’s Rolex was still subcontracting the strap to Taiwan and HK factories for the strap. And after some time in 1985 (If Someone can confirm me exactly when would be appreciated) Rolex makes the Watch Strap and cases 100% in Rolex Factory Switzerland.
First things first: Gold?
Normally the gold Rolex is usually min 3-4 times more expensive that the similar watch with stainless steel. And Platinum watch is also more 1.6 to 2.5 times more expensive than gold Watch. With Some exception like Rolex Day Date in Stainless steel; it is very rare and we estimate only 7 pieces made as Prototype.
Why gold?
When looking at gold watches, it might be helpful to look at gold itself – just as a commodity. Gold is one of the world’s most precious metals, a relatively rare commodity that is rarer than silver but more common than platinum. Gold is an element on the periodic table, suggests it is one of the most inert element. It is not readily to react with Oxygen to Oxidation like Copper, Bronze, Iron or Silver.


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Rolex Watch U.S.A. Inc. has filed a lawsuit asserting counterfeiting and trademark claims against two Henderson residents it says are operating a Web site selling replica Rolex watches.
Sued in U.S. District Court in Las Vegas on Thursday were Angelika Ryska, Robert Mayer and the Web site
Rolex says in its suit the defendants have been promoting the Web site on and and that one of its investigators on Sept. 3 made an undercover purchase of a "gold Swiss-made, Rolex Replica DayDate-Swiss (AAA+++)" watch for $499.
Upon receipt of the watch, Rolex found it bore counterfeits of its trademarks Rolex, the Crown Device, Oyster Perpetual and Day-Date, the suit said, adding Rolex technicians determined none of the watch parts are of Rolex origin

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