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Why Rolex Is Still the Gold Standard of Watches

Why spend over $5000 on a watch when one can be bought at Walmart for five dollars? Rolex perfected the answer to that question over the past hundred years in response to intense competition and ever-changing technology. From its earliest days through the 1970s when new technology enabled other watch makers to flood the market with cheap, practically disposable quartz watches, Rolex stayed the course and kept making excellent mechanical watches. It endured its greatest challenge then—and even thrived and grew. Scan the Yellow Pages or check the internet for Rolex watch repair Los Angeles and you’ll still find plenty of choices. Many Swiss and American watch companies that competed with Rolex in the 1970s are long gone. For example, there’s no listing for that grand old American watch company, Hamilton. That’s because the original Hamilton company is no more. (The modern company of that name is not the same Hamilton Watch Company that thrived for decades in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.) Despite a changing and increasingly digital marketplace—where some even question the future of mechanical watches—Rolex remains more popular than ever. It endures as “The Gold Standard” in luxury watches. Why?

In a nutshell, Rolex survived the quartz crisis by resolving to make only high-quality watches and by continuing to market them in shrewd and imaginative ways. Many of their competitors fell by the wayside trying to compete with the flood of cheap quartz watches. Not Rolex. It was never their style to appeal to the lowest common denominator.

In the beginning, back in the 1920s, Rolex practically invented the modern wristwatch as we know it. Before the Rolex Oyster, watches weren’t water resistant, nor were they very durable. Before the Rolex Oyster Perpetual, watches were manually wound by their owners every day—something only a watch aficionado or collector is inclined to do today. The Rolex Oyster Perpetual of the 1930s and 40s was a game changer on two levels: it wound itself by the wearer’s wrist motion and it was water proof and sturdy to an incredible, previously unimaginable degree. The watch was enormously popular with allied pilots and military officers during World War II who found it easily worth the stiff asking price of around 100 dollars US.

I'm having dinner tonight up in SF

by crazee_unchained

They are holding a parking spot in front of the restaurant for my car. Probably will run $450 for a dinner for two.
Dark Armani suit. Bought it a few years ago. Ever man should have one nice suit.
Simple white dress shit with a pair of numismatic gold coin cuff links I was given as a gift when I was young.
Fake Rolex President watch (too cheap to buy the real thing and it would get scratched anyway).
No white handkerchief peeking out of the pocket. I'm on the fence about that.
A tie that is not too wide

Jesse Jackson Jr.....saga is over

by trimblee

And so the surreal criminal saga of former Illinois Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. ("JJJR", "Junior" or just "Jackson") has ended. Jackson, 47, a prominent Chicagoan son of the civil-rights leader of the same name for the handful of people who are unaware, was a national co-chairman of President Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign and an advocate of traditional Democratic Party constituencies. He disappeared in June, and it was later revealed that he was being treated at the Mayo Clinic for bipolar disorder and gastrointestinal issues, although now it appears kleptomania may have been one of the afflictions treated too

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