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Pre Owned Ladies Rolex Watches

Pre-Owned Rolex Watches for Sale at Bob's Watches

When a customer walks into stores such as Tiffany’s or F.A.O. Schwartz, they know the products available are of the highest quality, which makes buyers willing to pay top dollar for those products. The credibility of the store and the authenticity of the products makes the higher prices worthwhile. It is simple to use the same credibility and authenticity to sell your pre owned luxury watches for the highest price possible without sacrificing convenience or security by using the luxury watch professionals at Bob’s Watches, where informed consumers can find pre-owned Rolex watches for sale at current market prices without risk.

Professional sales experts recognize the importance of assuring buyers that the pre-owned Rolex watches for sale that they are considering are authentic, valuable, and exactly what the buyer is looking for in a precision time piece. By guaranteeing the authenticity and quality of pre-owned Rolex for sale, Bob’s Watches allows individual sellers to use their credibility and their secure website to garner the highest price possible. The credibility and authenticity guaranteed by our staff of experts is what allows you to sell Rolex watches for more. While a dealer could charge the same high price, you would then have to leave part of the sell price with the previously owned Rolex dealers who sold your watch. Instead, the difference between the buy and sell price are posted publicly. Everything is up front and open. There are no hidden fees or extra charges.

How Certified Pre-owned Rolex Watches Are Sold

By eliminating buyers’ fears, you can sell your certified pre owned Rolex watch for far more than you might be able to get through a newspaper or online sale or auction. By increasing your creditability, buyers feel more confident in paying more for a certified pre-owned Rolex watch. The steps to selling your Rolex at Bob’s Watches is fast, simple, and convenient. You simply follow these steps to be assured of the highest possible selling price for your pre-owned luxury watches:

  • Select the type and model of used Rolex you wish to sell

By seeing the current prices for pre-owned Rolex watches for sale, you are assured of getting the most up to date value for your preowned Rolex. Since so many buyers are confident in our expertise and credibility, demand remains high for a wider variety of certified used Rolex watches.

How To Offer Your Pre-owned Rolex For Sale

Get a Pre-Owned Rolex

Karma Over Madoff’s 17 Rolexes at Auction

by plug-u

This was less like an auction and more like a seven-car garage sale.
The spoils and other superfluous purchases of Bernard L. Madoff, the notorious Ponzi schemer, were on the blocks at the United States Marshals Service Jewelry auction on Saturday at the New York Sheraton Hotel and Towers.
By the time Lot 196 was cried at 1:57 p.m.— a yellow-gold charm bracelet that was the first of hundreds of items seized from Mr. Madoff’s three houses — there were about 500 people sitting in a cavernous blue-carpeted ballroom, and another 1,000 people registered online

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