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Replica Rolex watches Reviews Review – Cheap Rolex Replica Watches

A website that only sells Rolex replica watches. This is how you’d best describe and its contents. I do remember seeing that header picture on another website but I cannot recall exactly where. I’m gonna take a look into this new website for me and let you know what are my thoughts on it.

Design & Usability

Simple white background, black fonts, good layout, a really simple and smooth website. Maybe a little too simple but still it does the job of getting you focused on the watches which is the most important thing after all. Usability is also good so browsing through this website is easy and has a good flow. A good example of fake Rolex watches focus.

Brands & Range

As I mentioned before they only sell Rolex replica watches. Model’s range is pretty big in numbers so there are actually a lot of fake watches to choose from. Many colors and combinations are available even though some really have nothing to do with the original timepieces.

Watches Quality

Cheap – for real. It’s true that the prices are low and they do somehow reflect the quality which is lower. I’m not completely sure that the prices are right, in fact the Swiss versions are too cheap for comfort so I would not go for those at all, plus they do not look Swiss enough if you know what I mean. Descriptions are decent enough, though they do not provide case dimensions on any of their watches which is a very important detail. So pretty much the quality is below the average but still some watches might be worth getting just because some prices are really good. I’m not a big fan or trial and errors anymore when it comes to fake watches but I guess you’d have to do it every now and then. There are some watches that only show one photo and also they do have different origin photos so this is another red flag that takes away more comfort out of a safe buy. Look at this Rolex Day-Date replica watch and at this Rolex Submariner replica watch to get a better visual.

Might not be a scam but...........

by Did_Business_in_China

I've done business selling parts manufactured in China but I was the one that contacted these people in China with my business proposal to sell parts and have them drop ship.
IF they are telling you the items are authentic then don't do business with your FRIEND because 95% of the so called name brand items that come out of China are fake i.e. Louis Vuitton purses, Rolex replica watches, etc. Anything with high value.
Are you passing on the import taxes to your customers? Or are you including that in your prices? Or if you want to list them as sample products you don't have to pay import taxes but your taking a big risk of being audited by the authorities

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