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Sophos reports 300% increase in Rolex watch spam

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Sophos reports 300% increase in Rolex watch spam
Fake and replica luxury watches are increasingly being sold through spam email.
Fake and replica luxury watches are increasingly being sold through spam email.
Researchers at anti-spam specialist Sophos have reported a significant increase in the last week in the number of spam emails trading on the name of the luxury watch manufacturer Rolex. Examining all the spam seen in the last month, Sophos's global monitoring stations have recorded a 300% rise in the number of junk emails referencing Rolex.
"Spammers hawking cheap watches are the internet equivalent of Del Boy and Rodney, but few computer users who have to wade through a barrage of unsolicited emails every day will find their antics amusing," said Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at Sophos

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