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Rolex Submariner Watches Sale

Rolex Submariner Guide for Sellers & Buyers

(Genuine 16613)

The Rolex Submariner is by far the most sought after and popular watch on the market.

It is because of this that they are also the most counterfeited. The fakes of today are much better than they have ever been with the help of lasers, CNC computer cutting machines, better printing and scanning methods, and better materials. Most decent made fakes sell for about $100-$300 and are actually pretty decent watches. I have owned many of them and the stainless steel versions (16610) are very convincing however no one wants to pay $3000 for a $100 watch!

It seems all the watch fakers seem to make the same mistakes, and here are some of the most common to look for.

(Aftermarket / Fake)

First of all, the band/bracelet. Most people are looking for the two-tone gold model 16613. The most common manufacture mistake on these is that the links are solid inside, and plated in cheap gold.

(Genuine links)

Now look at these two GENUINE links. Notice how they are hollow, folded metal links. These are made of solid 18k gold. Each link has a thin metal tube, with another thin tube inside that one that the screw goes through.

(Fake -Top / Genuine-Bottom)

Let's talk about those screws for a minute. like all Rolex parts they are finely machined and perfect. Notice the genuine screw on the bottom, and the fake one on the top. The genuine screw has deep and perfect threads with a tapered base and flush end. The fake looks stripped out and tapered on the end.


Let's look at the face. Notice the font Rolex uses. Notice the (A) has a flat top and NOT pointed. Almost every fake watch I have seen has a pointed (A).

The thing is, we cold sit here all day looking at little examples like these, but there are really good fakes out there now but fakes are not the only problem. Another problem is parts swapping which is why I spend so much time on the band itself. Genuine Rolex links are $350 each, so you can imagine what the entire band, clasp and extension costs! You can buy aftermarket solid gold bands for around $300-$500, and gold plated for $50 and up. It is easy to see how a seller could swap out the more valuable parts like the band for cheap replica parts and the buyer might be so interested in checking the movement they over look the band!

Rolex Men's Rolex Oyster Precision Submariner Chronometer Stainless Steel Watch
Watch (Rolex)

Can anyone identifiy the brand of this watch?

by unclepervy

At first I thought it was an older Rolex Submariner, but it's not - High end Seiko or Citizen? Maybe a Longines?
FYI - south paws usually wear the wrist watch on the right - so Mr. Obama wears a right handed watch on his left wrist. The bezel appears to be chipped too. When will he get the Rolex Presidential?

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