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Hands-On With Rolex GMT-Master II Blue & Black Cerachrom Bezel

he Rolex GMT-Master II 116710BLNRWhile the original GMT was launched in the mid 1950s and has always had a two-tone bezel, Rolex never conceptualized the bezel to represent the day and night, or any other watch company has done it before. New Rolex GMT II represent Day and Night with Blue and Black PATENTED cerachom bezel, New bezel colors don’t usually generate a buzz in watch world but new Rolex blue and black bezel has generated enough buzz around the world that GMT II has become fastest selling watch in the world in 3rd quarter of the year 2013 – Rolex’s version of ceramic, and though the bezel is two colors, it is a single piece. You might think “Of course it’s one piece; they just paint it two colors, ” but that’s not how Rolex does things. Vintage collectors may love weathered, faded bezels, but today’s versions are built to last, so nothing is painted. The bezel is formed as a single piece, and in this instance, the whole thing starts out blue. Black is added to half of the bezel early in the production process when the ceramic is still permeable.
Once the bezel hardens, the 24 hour graduations are engraved into the surface, then coated with a thin layer of platinum. Finally, a diamond polish produces a high gloss. According to Rolex, the final product is virtually scratchproof, highly corrosion-resistant, and its color is unaffected by ultraviolet rays, so it won’t fade.

Rolex GMT-Master II Black and BlueRetail for this version is 0 more than the black bezel version. The reason is due to the added complexity of the blue and black ceramic bezel. Prior to 2007, on the steel GMTs, the bezel inserts were aluminum, and adding different colors to aluminum was elementary compared to the techniques needed to make this blue/black cerachrom bezel a reality. Cerachrom is Rolex’s patented proprietary system for creating their own ceramic. When Rolex introduced their original cerachrom bezels in 2005, Rolex said making a two-tone cerachrom bezel would be impossible. Some people at Rolex must have accepted a challenge to do the impossible.
So, there you have it. And, like with most Rolexes of today, the innovation in this new GMT may not be clear to most at a glance, but when you realize what they've done to make this bezel a possibility, it all becomes obvious. Again, this is patented, and you won't see a mono-block two-tone piece of ceramic anywhere. The new GMT also started picking up bezel-inspired handles almost immediately: “Poweraid, ” “Batman” and “Phantom” among them. But “Bruiser” is the official nickname that given by Rolex itself.
To complement the bezel, the watch sports a color-coordinated blue 24-hour hand and blue Chromalight luminous material on the hands and hour markers. Otherwise, most of the features carry over from the original 116710 GMT-Master II model. The new model is officially Reference by 116710BLNR but the guaranty card included with most of the models states it is a 116710B, The case retains its classic 40-mm diameter, and it is fashioned from corrosion-resistant 904L stainless steel. A Triplock crown ensures 100- meter water resistance. The model 78300 Oyster bracelet is also 904L steel with polished center links and an Easylink clasp offering a 5-mm comfort extension.
The sapphire crystal offers double nonreflective coatings and a trademark Cyclops magnifier over the date. The white-gold hands turn above a black lacquer dial. Below the dial, the COSC-certified Caliber 3186 movement features a Parachrom hairspring with Breguet overcoil.

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