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In depth review: Rolex 5512 Submariner

3729-4454-zEvery collector should have a watch which he wears more so than others. His so called ‘daily workhorse’. When I am not sure what to wear I opt for a 5512 Rolex Submariner. The 5512 is a special reference series within the Submariner family. It is an early submariner (introduced in 1959) and the series is complex to understand. Unlike the reference that followed, the 5513, the 5512 is somewhat rarer and was only produced for roughly 15 years while the 5513 was produced for almost 30 years. The 5512 is important in Rolex history as it was the first Rolex with crown guards. All models before it like the 6204, 6200, 6538, 5508, 6536 and 6536-1 were all submariners with no crown guards, also called small or big crown submariners (for a report on two small crown submariners click here). But in order to protect the crown better and make the watch more reliable under water, Rolex decided in 1959 to introduce a new submariner with crown guards. Thus the 5512 was born.

3729-4454-z3According to Skeet & Ural (their book is a must have for any Rolex collector- click here) the 5512 went through four different generations. First generation were extremely rare and had square crown guards. They are very sought after by collectors today and in December 2013 Christies sold one for CHF 190′ooo (for more info click here). The second generation 5512, also rare and collectable are those with ‘Pointed Crown Guards’. They were produced only in the early 1960s and we will be looking at this model in closer detail later on. Next came the 5512 with a Chronometer rating (also called four line model).rolex_image This model was introduced in the mid 1960s and are sought after by collectors for the SCOC rating (Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified). The last 5512 was introduced in late 1960s and had crown guards were now ‘normal’ not pointed and the printing on the dial changed from gilt (golden) to white. The 5512 stopped production of this last version some time in the middle 1970s. To sum up the differences of four generation 5512 are as follows:

  • First generation: 1959 Square crown guards, Movement 1570, Gloss black dial, Gilt, Chapter Ring
  • Second generation Early 1960s Pointed crown guards, Movement 1560/30, Gloss black dial, Gilt, Chapter Ring, 2/4 Line
  • Third generation Early & mid 1960s Pointed crown guards, Movement 1560, Gloss black dial, Gilt, 4 Line
  • Fourth generation Late 1960s Normal crown guards, Movement 1560, Non gloss dial, White printing

We are going to take an in depth look at the Second generation 5512. The watch we are going to profile is a 1962 version. The watch can be summarized as a Pointed Crown Guards, Chapter Ring, Gilt Dial.

5512_case 5512_Rotor

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