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Thread: Omega Planet Ocean vs Rolex Sea Dweller - A comparative review

In the picture above, you can get a good idea of the side profile of the lugs. The PO has the classic Omega twisted lug design with alternating polished and brushed design, and has just about no sharp edges. The SD’s lugs are rather sharp in comparison and are polished on the sides and brushed on top.

It is also notable that Rolex uses 904L grade stainless steel in the manufacture of the case and bracelet of the SD. Among the properties of 904L grade stainless steel are increased resistance to corrosion and a price tag three times higher than normal grade 316L stainless steel. More often seen in industrial applications than on a wrist watch, use of the 904L grade steel has both been lauded as a great technical advancement and criticized as simply a reason to justify an increase in price.

It has been suggested that the use of this grade of steel can prevent pitting of the case and case back through many years of use and exposure to the elements and the acidic sweat of its users. One consideration for those who are allergic to nickel: 904L grade stainless steel contains roughly twice the amount of nickel compared to the 316L surgical grade steel found in the PO. It has also been interestingly noted by the author that the luster of 904L grade stainless steel appears ‘whiter’, apparently due to the increased presence of nickel in the metal.

Getting rid of spam via website email addys

by via-chicago

I get craploads of spam, lately offers for rolex watches and DVDs, but classically offers to make my penis larger and more erect, many people RE: things I never sent out and lots of FYI: too.
Anyhow, I know I am not alone and that there are many of you out there who have websites as well.
On my website I have three email addresses listed, one, one and one (me). Though many of the spams that come my way hit only one address, I get a lot that go to all three.
From what I understand this is because there are "bots" that sweep through websites and pick up email addresses, right?
Is there a way to elimnate or alleviate this problem? I get 40-100 nuisance emails a day

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Giants quarterback Eli Manning returns to host Guiding Eyes for the Blind's ..  — The Journal News /
Also pictured are James Donohue, far left, and John Feeney, far right. (Photo: Photo by John Vecchiolla). In addition, Guiding Eyes will raffle a new 2014 Lexus IS 250 and Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust watch. Only 1,000 tickets will be sold at $100 each.

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