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Used Rolex Dive Watches

Top 5 Dive watches you need to know


A Dive watch is a perfect companion for adventure

When you own a watch, it becomes your best companion at all moments. Sometimes the watch is there during a hard day work in which every second counts. Or during an adventure while diving in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. And if you chose well, it can be the same watch.

The first timepieces used underwater were counted in the 17th century already. Divers would find a way to protect their pocket watches in ways that imagination would be challenged. In the 19th century, several “Explorer watches” were made. All represented full customized watches for the specific needs of their owner. Early in the 20th century, new forms of Explorer watches were created to support the work of specific people like explorers, navy or of course professional divers.
And finally in 1926, Rolex developed the first waterproof and dustproof wrist watch with the famous Oyster. With the Oyster watches could go down 100m which for the time was purely revolutionary. And in 1927 when Mercedes Gleitze crossed the Channel between France and England by swimming, she had a Rolex Oyster with her that kept safe the precious time in glacial waters for more than 10 hours.
Omega dive watch Despite this amazing adventure, history tells that it was Omega who firstly produced at industrial level the first Dive watch with the Omega Marine in 1932.

The watch wad certified 135m it was a pity that the bracelet was in leather, which would make it a little fragile in time but it was already a clever watch. 3 years later, in September 1935, the Royal Italian navy ordered to Panerai to create a dive watch in which we could see the dial numbers and hands under water and in the night.Omega Marine watch 1932 principle In 1937 Panerai created with the support of Rolex, the California dial Radiomir.

The Second World War followed with several army requests. Companies like Hamilton or Waltham produced good quality waterproof timepieces at that time. Since then, several brands created their own dive watches, some of them at a very good price and others became icons of design, functionality and watch-making. They are part of the Horlogerie landscape as a classic of sporty elegance. Initially a man’s world, there are now several women’s watches and most of watches produced today are at least water-resistant.

Panerai Radiomir 1936 Victorinox-Swiss-Army-Divemaster-500-titanium Tudor-watches-Blackbay-Blue IWC-Aquatimer

Boeing or chinese knockoff?

by -

Chinese sell fake art, fake rolex watches
now I hear, boeing is a good brand name for a plane, chinese always go for the international brands
but maybe their cheap knockoff strategy jumped the shark
if so, US markets should recover, since it is now possible for manufacturing to make a comeback
only time will tell, but in the long run this tragedy could be good for USA

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Also pictured are James Donohue, far left, and John Feeney, far right. (Photo: Photo by John Vecchiolla). In addition, Guiding Eyes will raffle a new 2014 Lexus IS 250 and Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust watch. Only 1,000 tickets will be sold at $100 each.

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