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Rolex Revives The Famed Blue & Red "Pepsi Bezel" GMT-Master II Watch, But For A Price

Rolex-GMT-Master-II-Red-Blue-Ceramic-Watch-1One of the most distinctive sport watches in the world is the Rolex GMT-Master II with the red and blue bezel which is often affectionately referred to as the “Pepsi bezel” in reference to the soft drink producer’s long standing color theme. Of course, in the mid 1950s when Rolex was designing and first released the original GMT-Master, the theme of their first aviation watch was not cola. Rolex lovers know that in fact the red and blue color should be attributed to PanAm airlines who Rolex worked with during the development of their two-time zone GMT sport watch.

Produced on and off for decades, the red and blue bezel GMT-Master II watch has been absent from the Rolex collection for several years, until 2014 that is. Rolex has finally released a new red and blue bezel version of the GMT-Master II known as the reference 116719 BLRO. It is in its own right a technical marvel, but will be available at a steep price.

Few would guess that 2014 would be the year Rolex returned with a new Pepsi bezel. Just last year in 2013 Rolex released a blue and black bezel version of more or less the same watch. At the time Rolex was making light of the fact that they could produce a two-tone ceramic bezel – a world’s first. Just a year later in 2014 Rolex presents another world’s first; a two-tone ceramic bezel, and one that is half red ceramic. What is the big deal you ask? Well the big deal is that ceramic is very difficult to produce in lighter colors, so previous to this timepiece there has never been any commercially available ceramic watch parts in red.

It might seem like a trivial matter to get excited about, but in the world of luxury watch perfection even the smaller details matter greatly. Compared to the older metal bezel inserts the newer “Cerachrom” ceramic inserts from Rolex are far superior. Not only will the colors never fade, but the scratch-resistance properties of Ceramic are so impressive that the bezel will retain its “brand new” looks for a very long time.

The 2014 Rolex GMT-Master II 116719 BLRO watch is a beauty on the wrist (hands-on here). The red and blue are stunningly vibrant and the totally in-house produced watch fully incorporates Rolex’s legendary eye for quality. Yes, it is true that Rolex is a brand who spends a lot on marketing – but what luxury brand doesn’t? Nevertheless, they are the “real deal” when it comes to offering a product with a level of quality to match the hype. The level of “want” I felt when I saw this new watch for the first time was high, but the decision to plan a purchase was hampered by the fact that Rolex will produce this new red and blue ceramic GMT-Master II watch exclusively in 18k white gold. The blue and black bezel model from 2013 is available in steel.

I got one a few years back

by samepaige

Had the same arguement going at the time, whether or not to get one. but i wear it every single day and threw out all the old $12 watches. i got it at a place in carmel, which i understand is the only rolex dealer in the country that's located in, basically, a pawn shop. it's a carmel pawn shop. and the selection of both new and used ones is outstanding. i got one that rolex produced as a prototype in 3 different models. the face is unique, so i guess if i ever have to sell it, i'l have that going for me.
take the trip to carmel (it's on the main drag about a block from the beach) and shop the used ones/new ones all in one place, and check into other swiss watches as well.

Prosper overflow for today...

by grativo

9. I am in process of getting my new web-based luxury accessory store up and running. In the past I really focused on luxury handbags (i.e. DB, Coach, Louis Vuitton). I am looking to move more toward watches and other accessories as this is where my focus has been lately. I'm looking into Movado, Bulova, Rolex, just to name a few. I've been studying for over a year and I'm ready to take the leap. I've found a supplier (what a dumbass...LV and Rolex don't sell to wholesalers, so if he has a 'supplier' then he's selling Chinese fakes!) I trust and have attended a few workshops for marketing my site online

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