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Rolex Price Guide From 1969

Rolex Price Guide from 1969We have so many great customers with who we enjoy doing business. However, one of our more recent customers gave us a real treat. In addition to letting us take a look at his beautiful watch, he also sent in his Rolex Pricing Guide from 1969 as well as “The Rolex Oyster” booklet to let us borrow and look over, knowing that we would enjoy this vintage guide. “The Rolex Oyster” booklet has pictures of each model and goes into the details of the features of each watch as well as the options that each model is available. The Rolex price guide lists each Rolex watch model and displays the price at that time.

Rolex Price Guide 1969

In addition to listing all of the Rolex Oyster Perpetual models, “The Rolex Oyster” booklet also shows off the new Rolex headquarters. Rolex is known for its innovative watches, being the first brand to introduce a waterproof watch. However, the brand was also extremely innovative in its building design. Rolex is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland and decided to build a brand new facility in the late 1960s. Rolex boasts that their facilities lead the way in design and innovation. According to “The Rolex Oyster, ” the building has “air conditioning, light control, humidity control and automatic cleansing systems” that helped the Rolex watchmakers craft some of the world’s finest watches.

Rolex Oyster Guide

As mentioned above, Rolex lists each of its models and describes the features that are available with that model and what it is that makes this model so special.

Rolex has accompanies many of the world’s greatest explorers on some of their most amazing adventures. As the book states, Rolex watches have reached the top of Mount Everest as well as traveled to deep ocean trenches.

Here are just a few of the pages that list out the many Rolex models:

As you can tell, many of the Rolex watches have not changed too much from the vintage Rolex watches of 1969. Rolex is known for the classic, elegant, and timeless design of their watches. The fact that they watches have not changed too much over the last 40 years shows that Rolex places an importance on tradition. Rolex watches were just as beautiful and innovative in 1969 as they are today.

Rolex Headquarters Geneva 1969 Rolex Day-Date circa 1969 Rolex GMT-Master circa 1969 Rolex Explorer and Milgauss
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