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Most Popular Rolex Watches for Men

Inside Rolex: Understanding The World's Most Impressive Watch Maker

Rolex buildings in Geneva, Acacias.It is difficult to sum up exactly what Rolex is. In addition to being one of the most widely known names in luxury, it is a historic watch maker, success story of modern industrialization, social (and arguably actual) currency, and vertically integrated empire that guards its secrets closely.

I now know some of those secrets because I was personally invited to visit Rolex and their four large manufacture locations in Switzerland and previously wrote an article for watch buyers on 10 Things to Know About How Rolex Makes Watches. Three of the Rolex manufacturing locations are in Geneva and they do everything from produce watch cases to assembling the final products.Rolex-geneva-watch-factory-2 Rolex watch movements however are made (as they have been from the start) about two hours away in the city of Bienne, that borders the German and French speaking parts of the country.

So what is Rolex if not just a company that makes really good, really popular watches? Based on what I experienced I have to claim that they are something else, because the pieces add up to so much more. Perhaps I can use a metaphor to describe what I feel Rolex is really like. Imagine a spaceship flying through space on a very serious mission.Stock automatique Acacias The spaceship even has people on-board who can improve the ship while it is in motion. When the spaceship left earth it was told that it had a sole mission, to travel as far into space as possible. That is kind of like Rolex.

Their mission is to make watches, and they do everything possible to make mechanical watches that are as good as possible. In fact, their organization has become so good at making watches they continue to do so in a time when many people argue that the world doesn’t need mechanical watches. Over the years Rolex has increasingly continued to vertically integrate itself. Meaning that they produce almost everything that goes into their timepieces in-house. Currently they only rely on outside suppliers for a handful of items and services – most notably their sapphire crystals and watch hands. It would not surprise me if they eventually brought that work in-house as well.


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